The company was set in 2015 in order to offer SERVICES OF RUBBER HANDRAILS for clients both in Poland as well as in other European Countries, in the industries concerning:

Our clients gain TIME AND MONEY, because our SERVICES are at the high EUROPEAN LEVEL thanks to COMPREHENSIVENESS OF SERVICES and readiness to provide them 365 days a year.

The following factors demonstrate that:
1. SAVING TIME - for our regular clients we have specific types of rails on HANDRAIL-SERVICE Sp. z o.o. stock in Poland, therefore we can provide service even up to 48 hours following the point in time of acceptance.

2. SAVING MONEY - we offer providing services at a very competitive level in comparison to other companies in this sector.

3. WE PROVIDE SERVICES AT THE EUROPEAN LEVEL we work with the best equipment used only by professionals in this sector. Additionally, we take part in the required trainings at producers’ plants regarding vulcanization of handrails.

4. COMPREHENSIVENESS OF SERVICES - within the range our services you can find not only REPLACEMENT OF THE HANDRAILS but also repair of small damages which can occur during operation.

5. READINESS TO PROVIDE SERVICE 365 DAYS A YEAR - knowing the specific and the area of work in which devices with handrails occur, we know that they have to work all year long – the same as Our Company. We are always eager and ready to provide all the necessary information regarding preservatives for the handrails and we can also deliver them directly to the client. We can give suggestions what to do if the handrail is damaged and the device is located in the critical point at the facility and has to be in fully working order at the earliest practicable date.

Taking all that into consideration